Happy Recruiter

Happy Recruiter
We are social

We know that recruiting is not always a happy task. We have been there!

Hiring managers and clients demand the impossible, breathing down your neck for the super-candidate to be delivered yesterday. Unfortunately your pool of candidates is too small for some tricky roles, or the number of candidates is high and your team needs to evaluate them all to find the hidden gem. And in amongst the mayhem you need to make sure you maintain your world class employer brand promise as well!

We have felt the same as you today. There must be a better way!

There must be way to make things easier; to give recruiters time to get new business, plan, really understand new requirements, build trusting relationships with hiring managers and properly engage with the best candidates.

In 2017, we sat down and looked at how we could turn recruitment happy and that is when Happy Recruiter was born. We realised that as the world is now social, so should recruitment. We decided not to fight against the trend and create another jazzy but standalone recruitment system to login into. Instead we developed a set of powerful but easy to use social recruiting tools together with Dora, our own social recruitment robot, to allow recruiters to leverage the hiring potential of the social platforms we are all using.

Our mission stands in the company`s name. We build tools to make recruitment happy.

We want to make your recruiters and your candidates happy, we want to make you happy!

Are you happy recruiting now? If not - let`s talk!

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