Grab your coffee and meet Dora, your virtual recruiter assistant. Dora, your virtual recruiter assistant, will take care of your stressful and time consuming tasks.

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Recruits like a robot, chats like a human

Dora is your virtual HR assistant that searches for candidates online and interviews them according to your requirements. Dora is searching for candidates on social media, the largest pool of candidates that ever existed. Bring back the Human to HR by focusing only on the eligible candidates. Dora is providing a shortlist of candidates, saving your time.


From Hi to Hired!

Need your candidates by Monday? Dora has your back! Looking for white or blue collar candidates? Dora has your back! Need an extra-colleague to recruit? Dora has your back!

Recruitment has evolved over the years. Here is how!

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I have performed so far 713,958 interviews. 917 companies are using Dora to recruit in 25 countries.