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Did you know that 45 million people in the UK are active on Social Media?

Easy Access to the Largest Existing Pool of Candidates - engage with candidates on their social media platform of choice.

49% of the world's population, which is 3.80 Billion people, is active on social media. 66% of the population in the UK spends, on average, 1h and 42 minutes.

Our ecosystem helps you target, reach and nurture your candidate pool on social media.

A lot of time spent trying to talk to the candidates?

2,034 hours of work saved by recruiters in one week using HappyRecruiter. Dora, the Recruitment Robot performs screening interviews. Speak only with pre-screened applicants and focus on the value-adding tasks.

Dora, Happy Recruiter's own Chatbot, communicates automatically with candidates across social media engaging with them through the early stages of their recruitment journey.

Did you know why a candidate is not interested in your jobs?

You can find this by using the HappyRecruiter ecosystem, with in-depth live data, taking the appropriate measures to increase your recruitment process productivity and efficiency.

Do you have enough data to understand your candidates?

Understand your target candidates’ market, with data about the strength of your candidates pool and the recruitment process funnel, live.

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